5 reasons you need a Bluetooth speaker

What to do when you want to carry your music obsession everywhere you go but that annoying mesh of wires puts a damper on all your enthusiasm? What to do when you want to give a rest to your ears from those painful earphones and listen to loud music while in the gym or when out on the beach?


The technology today has given the best answer: Bluetooth Speakers. Yes! If you are indeed a music lover and cannot live without music even for a second, you absolutely need to buy these. And why? Let us enlighten you.

1, 2, 3: EASY…EASY…EASY…

(Easy to carry, easy to use and easily fits anywhere)

Remember that heavy speaker equipment we connected to our PCs and laptops with wires and USB cables and what not? Remember the struggle to find a jack of the right shape and size so that it is compatible with our device? All that exertion is eliminated when you introduce yourself to this amazing stuff!

These speakers use Bluetooth technology (which nowadays is available in every gadget) to connect to your device wirelessly; be it your Smartphone, your laptop, or any other system with Bluetooth facilities. Though the range of Bluetooth is merely around 10 m, it is still one of the safest ways to build a personal area network between your devices, easily.

Since, these Bluetooth speakers have no wires or plugs; the appliance becomes relatively lighter and smaller, making them almost trouble-free to carry and uncomplicated to use too. You no longer need to worry about whether the jack of the speaker fits in your device or not. All you need to do is, switch on Bluetooth on both the devices, connect them and leave the rest to the technology.


Available at much lower prices than traditional speakers, Bluetooth speakers promise better sound quality than them too. They are the most economical choice, compared to conventional speakers, when you go speaker shopping, especially while online shopping. Online vendors such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. provide you with speakers from top brands like JBL, Phillips, and Zebronics, at reasonable rates and with attractive offers.


From the conventional shapes of speakers to bizarre shapes like buckets, hand-grenades, tubes, prisms, disks, balls, cones, etc. they exist in all forms and figures. Moreover, they are available in bright colors like yellow, sky blue, pink, lavender and the like and also in neon and metallic hues. Nowadays, many of them even come with hooks and plugs, so that you can attach them to your gym or handbag and move around town blasting your favorite songs.

Other than being super portable, super easy to use, superb for flaunting about and super-economical, Bluetooth speakers provide a music lover multiple reasons to buy them. Most of them even have an array of buttons on them useful for changing the volume, changing the song and so on, and giving full flexibility to the user.

So, go and get a vibrant little Bluetooth speaker for yourself today!