6 Things To Be Cautious About When Refilling Your Toner

Changing the toner in your printer is a pretty basic task. You simply need to switch off the printer, remove the toner cart carefully, pour in the toner in the refill hole then return it into the printer. Sounds simple right? However, as basic and fool proof as this process may be, certain things if not well followed can make you end up spoiling your printer for good, or making its warranty null and avoid. Be cautious by ensuring that you:

  • Always check the printer and toner compatibility

Do not simply go online or into a store and get the cheapest toner or a toner that matches the model of your printer. You need to confirm the compatibility of the toner you purchase with your cartridge and even the model of your printer. Remember be specific to the model and even serial number and do not stop at only getting the brand right.

  • Clear your work surface

Once you get to refilling the toner ensure you clear the working area, place a cloth you will dispose of or use some newspapers under the printer. The toner is very fine and moves like a liquid during the refill but you cannot miss that which gets blown into the surrounding area. Toner is quite hard to wash off.

  • Cover your hands

If possible, you can put on working gloves before handling your printer. This prevents you getting toner on your skin. Some people are allergic to some elements in it. It prevents you getting your hands messy and spreading the black color to the rest of the room.

  • Always seal the filing hole

Some cartridges have a hole but for others, you have to burn through with hot metal. Either way after you finish filling, remember to seal the hole either with the provided plug or with strong tape. Failure to do so will spill toner in your printer making a mess and even making it not work well.

  • Remember to always shake the cartridge

Before returning the cart into the printer, shake well but gently to even out the toner in it. This prevents having printing jobs that have too much toner and others that look faint.

  • Confirm settings after placing the toner cart

Once you get the cart back into the printer, close up the printer gently. Switch on the power and confirm the printer settings on both the printer and the computer. However, most printers have the settings readjusted automatically, but it never hurts to confirm whether all is well. Finally, print out a printer test for confirmation.