Tips For Bass-Guitar Players

Although some people claim that playing bass-guitar isn`t hard at all, mastering it can take a lot of time. Here are some tips for those of you, who want to make learning process as efficient and interesting as possible.

Learn to listen to the Song

The thing is that bass sound is one of the sounds that make the “skeleton” of the melody. They both fill the emptiness of the sound in some places and create more atmospheric experience for a listener. Therefore, the bass guitarist should always be able to differentiate two types of sounds:

  • The drums
  • The chords

Playing alongside to them allows to create the required rhythm and tempo, even if you do not remember what exactly to play.

Learn to make Transitions

Although tone transitions are mostly common in blues and somewhere in jazz, a good bass-guitarist should know how to play them. The best thing to do for those, who want to learn to perform proper glides is to play a hollow-bodied fretless instrument for a while. Although it is rather hard, after mastering acoustic bass, one will be able to play any kind of bass-guitar.

Use Octave Roots and Fifths

The trick behind this is simple: these two are the most harmonic notes it is possible to play. They combine perfectly both with the drums and underlaying chords. While being rather simple, this technique still allows to create interesting and catchy basslines. For example, such bands as “Led Zeppelin”, “Pink Floyd” and “The Beatles” were using this kind of basslines rather often.

Get a Pick if you fell like it

There is nothing wrong in using a pick for playing a bass-guitar. Bassists of Pantera, Megadeth and even Paul McCartney (former bassist of the Beatles) use a pick for playing a bass. Here are some quick tips about choosing the correct one:

  • Choose a tip with a thick gauge

While it is mostly about how powerful the volume is, a thick pick will reduce the amount of effort, while also increasing the volume itself.

  • Triangle is the best form

Considering the wide distance between the strings, a triangle is the optimal form for making transitions between strings.

I would still recommend trying to play with the fingers first, as it might give better experience and feel of the instrument.

Don`t be afraid to make Experiments

Bass is not all about clear and academic sound. Sometimes spirit is much more important. So, there is nothing wrong about filling the places of the song that feel empty with some extra bass. Again, take a look at all the 80s bands. They are overusing bass shamelessly in some parts.

Choose a correct Instrument

It`s important to understand, that good bass can be produced by any kind of instrument: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synth or piano. So, feel free to choose whatever you like the best.

However, if you are the type of person, finding inspiration in old-school rock-n-roll bands, I would totally recommend for choosing a guitar that has both solid quality and looks great. There is no other company doing it better than Fender does. Squier Jaguar is a great choice for those, who feel like using the guitar is the best option. It is both powerful and convenient. If you want to learn more about this guitar, feel free to check this article out. It will provide you with all the necessary information.

Thank you for reading and good luck.